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Nibbler's toys

Nibbler's Toys

Bunnies love toys!  And they need toys to keep them from being bored and destructive. 

Don't give your bunny his toys all at once.  I keep Nibbler's new toys in a box under my bed.  He gets one when he is a particularly good bunny.  He knows what it means when I pull out the toy box and he gets VERY excited. 

There are lots of places to get great bunny toys.   I love buying toys for Nibbler, and he really loves toys, so it's a treat for both of us! is fantastic, and a percentage of their sales go to bunny shelters! has lots of great toys, and they are also a great place to get hay and other supplies. also has tons of great stuff!  It's very cheap, they respond to inquires quickly and clearly, AND they also sell just the parts so you can create custom toys your bunny will love. 

Standard pet stores have started adding bunny sections.  Research the toys they have, though, because although many of them say they are for rabbits, some aren't well-designed and can be dangerous to bunnies.  As long as the wood is non-toxic, it is colored with a food-safe dye, or it's made of strong plastic with no small parts the bunny can swallow, it's probably OK.

There are so many great free toys.  Nibber loves the cardboard roll from toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  We stuff them with hay and he goes crazy.  When Nibbler was a baby, I went to a store that sells posters and I asked them if they had any big mailing tubes for posters they were going to throw away.  They gave me a couple - the diameter is about 8 inches.  We cut them into pieces and Nibbler loves running through them and hiding in them, and of course, eating them.  He's getting too big for them now, though, so I'm gonna get some construction molds they sell at Home Depot.  I keep a wicker basket with all the spam faxes we get and he loves shredding those, and eating the basket!

Nibbler loves flannel baby blankets and old dish towels.  He sleeps on them, organizes and arranges them, digs in them, makes tunnels he can hide in with them - he even drags them in to his cardboard box (after he's kicked out the bedding I put there)

Toy suggestions:

Funnest. thing. EVER!

A couple of cardboard boxes, stuffed with newspaper.  He digs in the newspaper, jumps from level to level, going in and out of the top and bottom box, drags toys in the box and plays with them, and enjoys perching on top and surveying his domain.

Nibbler loves chewing on wooden toys - bonus if it has sisal!  These (except for the ball) came from  If the amount of destruction a toy receives is proportional to how much he loves it (and I think it is) he really loves these Bunny Pops!

Willow ball - before

and after

Since the one on the left used to look like the one on the right, I get the feeling Nibbler loves these voodoo dolls from

Bunny treat balls can be purchased in almost any pet story.  The opening can be adjusted to fit different kinds of treats.  We keep Nibbler's filled with regular pellets and he loves it - it turns his standard pellets into gourmet treats!

Nibbler loves little stuffed toys - he carries them around in his mouth, cuddles them while he sleeps, and spends endless hours grooming them.

Nibbler loves slinkies.  The small one lives in his cage.  I don't put the big on in his cage 'cause I'm afraid he'll get his head stuck in it and panic.  He will sit an pick up one end, stretch it out as far as he can, and drop it.  He also gets very excited when his people rattle the slinkies back and forth for him.

This rubber ring is a dog toy.  Nibbler loves rubber - probably the smell.  I gave him this so he would stop stealing his rubber grooming brush.

This is a Potpourri from  Nibbler gnaws on this a lot.

This is an Octopus Pinata from - it's made from palm fiber, and Nibbler likes nothing better than eating off it's "legs" - big bonus, it's noisy!  Bunnies love making noise!

More noisy toys - Nibbler gnaws on these but mostly just throws them around.

This is a Whirligig, also from  It's made of  yucca and palm fiber on sisal rope - I hang it over Nibbler's litter box so he has something to munch on while he's sitting there.

Wooden kitchen utensils!  Meat tenderizers are good 'cause they are bumpy.  The thing on the left is called a lemon reamer (I'm not making this up) and Nibbler seems to love the texture.  Wooden spoons are great - they don't have to be colored, regular ones you can get at the grocery story are just great.

Baby key rings!  Great for throwing and playing tug-of-war with his people.

As you can see, he LOVES wooden honey dippers.

I got these heart dumbbells from - as you can see by the damage to the two on the left, they are a big hit!

Simple, cheap toy - a wooden clothes pin stuck through a cardboard tube.  Endless entertainment.

The wooden "remote" from satisfies Nibbler's urge to chew on buttons.

This is great - put a baby carrot or some lettuce on the bottom and watch the fun.

Another big hit from - the mini-blockbuster.  The one on top has taken major damage.

Balls and stuff with bells in them - Nibbler will toss them down him ramps, and when they are all on the first floor, he drags them back up and does it again.  It's funny as hell to see him try to carry the big green one up the ramp.

I got this fake apple tree from - fun and CUTE!

My little tree hugger...

These are great.  You can put treats or wooden toys on them.  I put the toys that Nibbler has almost destroyed on ours, so he can keep enjoying the remnants.

Nibbler spends very little time locked in his cage - mostly only when I'm cleaning or something else is going on where I think he might hurt himself.  He usually comes and goes from his cage as he pleases.  When he notices he is locked in, he gets angry and takes out his anger by biting the bars.  I was afraid he'd hurt his teeth on them so I started hanging toys on them so he'll chew them instead. It worked, but he tears through them like crazy!



The dumbbell on the left used to have a heart on it.  He ate the heart
and left only the stick.  But he won't eat the bunny on the dumbbell on the right,
even though it's made of the same thing.  He eats the stick but carefully
leaves the bunny intact... He knows bunnies aren't for eating...

These are a couple  of "his" books - the cheap books I grab at book sales for $0.10.  Phone books and magazines are also great.  It's not a problem if bunnies consume some paper - virtually all ink is non-toxic nowadays.  As long as they don't eat so much they ignore their hay, it's OK.  Nibbler mostly shreds paper, as opposed to actually eating it.  He LOVES for me to hold the book while he shreds it.

this is one of the ones he was NOT allowed to eat - one of my favorite books as a kid :( 
I now make sure I always keep books I want to stay in good shape, well out of his reach.  (even when I'm just going to be gone for " just a second")  My lower book shelves are filed with cheap stuff and stuff that will go out of date, like political books and my endless  manuals for hardware that will be obsolete in a year, so it's no big deal if he "tastes" them.

Crazy toys w/ lots of pegs and rings from, Nibbler goes nuts for them!

Crackle toys - they make the sound like a plastic bag being rattled.  Nibbler loves the sound so I thought he'd love these.  Not so much - he seems scared of the snake and he totally ignores the lady bug.

Funky bumps and a nut knob nibbler - bunnies love anything with bits sticking off them and Nibbler loves these!

More chunky and bumpy chew toys - also great for throwing