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Smoking is gross

I don't think "wrong" for someone to smoke. I really couldn't care less if people smoke or not, nor do I really care what someone else does to their health. I do think people shouldn't be allowed to smoke in public places. That's because it hurts me and other non-smokers. It makes me physically ill. (I have very bad asthma) It's never really been *proved* second-hand smoke causes cancer, but it sure hasn't been proved second-hand smoke cures the common cold.  You can argue it hasn't been conclusively proved second-hand smoke causes cancer but you CANNOT argue that it doesn't hurt people with asthma.  Since it hurts some people, even a small number, and helps no one, it should be banned in public places.  Period.

Smokers who are upset by the ban on smoking some places have on restaurants often say, "well, fat people are unhealthy, should we stop people from eating cake in restaurants?" But it's not like the fat people are flinging cake at you, or shoving it down your throat.  If smokers could keep their smoke from entering my air, and the air of other people who don't want to have to breath it, then let them smoke wherever they want. But they can't, therefore they shouldn't be able to smoke wherever they want.

But most people just don't care about people other than themselves,  and their friends and family.   Just like the guys smoking outside my window right now.  Obviously there is someone in their apartments who's lungs they don't want to pollute, but they don't give a flying fig about my lungs.  (Man, do I wish I could control nature so I could make a flock of pigeons come shit on their heads so I could enjoy the nice breeze outside).  It's like most people think the rest of the world is covered in a  Somebody Else's Problem field

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