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I started this because a friend wanted a way to read my locked LiveJournal posts via email.  It's easy enough to get LiveJournal posts via email, but more tricky when authentication is required.  I originally tried hacking rss2email, but didn't know enough python to make it work.   This will email you with ALL the posts on your LiveJournal friend's page, even the locked ones.   (Works best with paid accounts, who can see their entire friends list as an RSS feed, instructions here and there is  this nifty script will give you a list of all your friend's RSS feeds if you aren't a paid LJ user)

This is written in perl, and requires *nix, and command line access to set up.  (can be set up on your own server, your web page's server, or any place you trust with your password)

This also works for any RSS feed, whether it requires authentication or not.

the code is here

download the full tar file (including the read me for the configuration) here

current version - 1.02

change log:
1.01: minor code cleanup, check if directory is specified on command before opening config file
1.02: restore multiple email address support even when a directory isn't specified on the command line

*note - thanks to whoever submitted this to!  That was very sweet, and now this project can be found listed here -