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Pet Peeves

partial list of the many, many things that annoy me
yes, I'm an opinionated bitch, wanna make something of it? :)

  • anyone who says "how do you know if you are gay/bi if you haven't slept with a person of the same sex?"
  • people who dislike something JUST because it's popular (example - google bashers, or folks who automatically hate movies that make money)
  • slashdot editors and commentators who don't RTFA
  • people who think wanting to make money makes you evil
  • fear mongers, reactionaries, sensationalists, etc
  • people who believer everything they read, heard from a friend of a friend, saw written on the bathroom wall, etc.
  • people who think bad laws are OK, 'cause they will only be used against criminals
  • people who think you shouldn't want privacy if you have nothing to hide
  • people who think their life should be perfect, alive with the light of a 1000 faeries, and they should be able to wonder cluelessly through life, kissed by bunnies, with butterflies on their shoulders - the slightest unpleasant thing that happens send them into a rage
  • people who say "my tax dollars shouldn't go to pay for a book/piece of art/etc.  i find offensive"
  • people who believe chain letters
  • urban legends told as truth
  • people who believe urban legends (or anything else) even after they've been shown proof it's not true
  • people who use the word banned to mean "didn't like", "didn't sell well", or "wasn't aired"
  • people who think sequels "ruin" the original - it's just as good as it always was!
  • people w/ no understanding of probability - "those numbers haven't come up in the lottery in awhile, they are due"
  • people who think all opinions are equally valid, "'cause, like, everyone is entitled to an opinion and mine is just as valid as someone who actually knows something about the subject"
  • people who drive around w/ their brights on, don't use turn signals, honk when it's not an emergency, and other dangerous drivers
  • anyone who says "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
  • people who don't consider their affect on other people - I don't mean in big things, but little things.  Like, parking your cart in the middle of the store aisle, so no one can get by
  • people who give their twins rhyming names and/or dress them alike
  • people who pretend their breakups didn't happen.  example - a couple goes out for, say, 7 months.  Then they break up for a month.  Then they get back together.  Then, 3 months later, they are celebrating their "1 year anniversary".  No.  there are rules.  they broke up.  the relationship ended.  a new one started.  They've now been dating 3 months.  If they claim otherwise, they are lying to themselves and everyone else
  • over/misuse of the words "drama" or "privilege"