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(no presents from strangers, please, bunnies don't like strangers)

Hi.  My name is Nibbler.

Nibbler Bunny, to be exact.  I'm a New Zealand White rabbit, which is the best kind! My person thinks I am the world's greatest rabbit.  She's right.

This is my person.  My person reads stories about bad things that happen to bunnies and her face gets wet.  That's when she needs lots of kisses.  I don't worry about those bad things happening to me, though, because my person takes good care of me!
b2s This person also lives with us.  He's good for games but I'm not sure how I feel about him yet.
I watch him suspiciously.

My person gives me books to shred, but I know the best ones to nibble
on are the ones she reads! 

And the bestest thing ever is eating the bookmarks out of her books!

This is my old house. 

This is my new house.  It is big!!  It has a place for me to be secret in, and a place for me to sleep, and lots of toys and lots of food!  I can run and dance!

My hiding place
This is a place where I hide.  The humans can't see me!  I jump out and they are always surprised! hehehe, humans are funny!

These are the toys that live in my house with me.

These are the toys that live outside my house where I play with my people.

 My person says I have too many toys... I don't know what she means by that...

My psyduck is my favorite toy.  He guards my food dish.  Sometimes I catch him stealing my food, then I have to punch him.  Usually, he is a good toy, though.

Some of my other toys:

They are good for throwing and shaking and chewing on!  Most of them make a good big noise!!

I take care of my person
Sometimes my person gets sick.
Then I have to take care of her!

I sleeps flopped over with my eyes shut, especially when I can sleep next to my person!  I know she's got my back! hehe

I love to sleep cuddled up with my person!   We guard each other.  She lets me keep toys on the bed so I don't get bored.  The other person always moves them though :(

It's hard to remember when I was small enough to sleep on that box!  I ripped that box into shreads a long time ago - my first big redecoration project!

I never sleep on the fluff my person puts in my cage for me to sleep on.  I sleep on blankets, a furry pillow, or her bed!  She finally learned to stop trying to give me the fluff.

I am the master of all I survey

My first day living with my people.

What is with the flashy grey box you're always pointing at me?

I'm just too cute!

Just look at these big o' ears!

I am so beautiful!

Just look at my fluffy tale sticking out!

Is it treat time?

For crying out loud, don't point that thing at me while I'm peeing!

I am the shredding wonder bun!!

My favoriate spots:

under the air conditioner, with the server on one side, and the air filter on one side.  My balsa bird hangs over me so I can play with it or take a bite anytime.

Right in the middle of the room, so everyone has to pay attention to me when they come or go

By the recumbant bike, soooo relaxed!


If you are using Internet Explorer, and the movie only plays for a second, just play each one twice  - the first time it will play incorrectly, the second time it should play correctly.  Each movie is at least a few seconds long.  Don't ask me why this happens - Internet Explorer is weird.

Nibbler zooms around his Cottontale Cottage
Nibbler tries to dig a burrow under his cage
Nibbler races around the bed, then misses the end and pretends "he meant to do that"
Nibbler runs around the bed then breaks through the barricade keeping him "prisoner"
New Movies:
Nibbler doesn't like being locked in his cage, for even the briefest period of time
I add toys to the door of Nibbler's cage so he doesn't hurt his teeth in his rage at being locked in - they don't last long
Nibbler stalks his new balsa bird - when he decides it's safe, he bites it and flops down
Nibbler educates himself on the first computer book I ever bought (it's over 10 years old!)
Nibbler will only eat hay from his hay ball now
Nibbler grooms his beloved stuffed kitty
Nibbler plays with his sisal carrot
Nibbler entertains himself endlessly with his fluffy friend
Nibbler dances with his fluffy friend
Nibbler makes a huge mess with his improved digging box
Baby Nibbler Movies:
Nibbler hides in a wastebasket
Nibbler tests his brand-new cage. Verdict - he loves it!
Nibbler is so excited he dances around the bed
So much to play with, so little time - Nibbler zooms around his "playground" so fast the camera can't keep up
Nibbler sniffs out a comfortable place and then makes a huge flop

You woke me from a sound nap with the flashy thing!

My first look at my new furry friend

Bye bye!