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are you liberal or conservative

from, reprinted w/ permission

I found this survey some time ago.  To me, it totally illustrates the problems with the Republican party.  Everything is black/white, yes/no.  There is one truth, and they have it.  You are for them or against them, and you must believe everything your party says.  I emailed them and asked them if I could use this on my page, and they gave permission. 

Are you a Liberal or Conservative? Home

This is in response to liberals who say that most people agree with their positions on the issues.

Answer "Yes" or "No" based on whether you agree or disagree with the following statements.
(my answers are in italics)

1. ___ You believe in a smaller more efficient government.

yes, but who doesn't?  The difference isn't that Dems want an inefficient government and Republicans want an efficient one, it's that Dems want a government that helps the people.

2. ___ You believe there should be time limits placed on receiving welfare.

no, arbitrary time limits don't help - people don't WANT to be on welfare, and if various European countries are any indication more generous welfare benefits, so that potential employers don't have to know that a job applicant is on welfare or struggling in general, leads to  quicker jobs

3. ___ You believe that lowering taxes stimulates the economy.


4. ___ You believe that you pay too much in taxes as a whole.

no, I don't pay too much in taxes, my taxes just aren't used very  well.  For what we pay, we should have great roads, schools, public services, health care for all.  This is a problem with government inefficiency.

5. ___ You believe that there has been a liberal bias in the media over the past 50 years.

No way in hell, and I can't believe anyone, even a neo-con, could believe this.

6. ___ You believe that it is ok to say the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools.

yes, in it's ORIGINAL form.  Without the  "under god" clause, which is a clear promotion of religion, only added to differentiate the US from those godless commies

7. ___ You believe that marijuana should remain an illegal drug.

no, i don't believe victimless crimes should be crimes - this is a health issue, not a criminal one

8. ___ You believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.


9. ___ You believe that Americans have the right to own guns to protect themselves.

 undecided, I'm think rifles and, shotguns should be legal, but not assault rifles.  I'm undecided on hand guns

10. ___ You believe that partial birth abortions should be illegal when the mother's health is in danger and only allowed if the mothers life is in danger.

no, partial birth abortion isn't a medical term, it's a made-up term designed to be inflammatory and i don't believe in any restrictions on abortion

11. ___ You believe in personal responsibility and people should be held accountable for their actions.


12. ___ You believe that convicted murderers, rapists and pedophiles should not be granted early release for good behavior.

yes, i believe that convicted murders, rapists and pedophiles should be put to death.  Verdict read - two in the head, simple as that.

13. ___ You believe that the death penalty should be a punishment option for murderers.

yes, convicted murders, rapists and pedophiles should be put to death.  Verdict read - two in the head, simple as that.  However, the way the death penalty is used today, so that only poor and/or minorities receive it, and the average of $3 million spent on prosecuting each capital case, is ridiculous

14. ___ You believe that we should drill for oil in Alaska.


15. ___ You don't believe in affirmative action and you believe all people should be treated equally in the eyes of the law.

mixed feelings... i believe all people should be treated equally, but some minorites still haven't reached a point where they are starting out on equal footing to whites.  i don't believe everyone should end up in the same place, but i do think people should start out in the same place

16. ___ You don't believe in reparations to African Americans for slavery.


17. ___ You believe that a missle defense system willl be needed in the future to protect the United States.

no, this is the whole reaswon 9/11 happened - republicans were too busy putting money from missle defense into their and their friends pockets to worry about terrorism

18. ___ You believe that we should use the National Guard and U.S. Military to protect our borders.

undecided... part of me thinks so, part of me thinks our borders should be open and free...

19. ___ You believe the United States should determine its own defense and not the United Nations.

somewhat - we choose to join the united nations and abide by their decisions.  if we don't want to do that, we should leave the united nations

20. ___ You believe that military spending is more important than spending on entitlement programs such as welfare.


Number of "Yes" answers
(0) - Perhaps you are living in the wrong country! Move to Canada or France, you will feel much more at home there!

(1- 5) Stop what you are doing! You need to start paying more attention to current events!

(6 - 10) You need to stop watching ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN! Turn on Fox News!

(11 - 15) You believe in the Conservative agenda! Remember that when it comes time to vote and vote Republican!

(16 - 20) Congratulations!

So, my score - 6 yes, but I don't watch ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN, all mainstream media is way too dishonest,  biased and conservative