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Hobbies, Coding, Websites... Oh My!

Key Chains
Jewelry Making
Role playing

I've used linux since 1994(ish) - Slackware 2.1, IIRC. I've tried most every flavor since then (even Corel Linux, which no one used and was kinda sucky, but came with a cute penguin!)

I've really wanted to give more back to the Linux/FOSS community lately, so I've become more active, released more, and joined more communities. I'm contribute to several linux or f/oss projects, including The Ubuntu Team Wiki, Ubuntu Women,, the Pennsylvania Ubuntu LoCo Team, and (though, of course, Ubuntu is the OS that has my heart). I also write some of my own projects, and I write articles for geek-friendly websites, including those for newbies and those for more experienced users.

I also do a lot of non-tech related volunteer work, particularly in the arena of rabbit welfare.

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