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I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty...

...I've got whozits and whatzits galore*

Geeks love gadgets and I'm no exception.  I am unusual in one way - I don't "upgrade" my gadgets every time something new comes along.  Once I've found one that works right and makes my life easier, I stick with it.

edit (07/31/07) - this hasn't been updated in at least 3 years.  Gotten a new phone, air conditioner, gameboy DS (love it), a Nabaztag, wireless weather stations (I'm a big weather geek) and some other cool gadgets I can't remember off the top of my head. Must do a real update on this soon.

Emachines m6809 notebook
Love it, love it, love it
I resisted getting a laptop for so long - I thought it was just an unnecessary expense.  Mine cost about as much as a good desktop machine and it's made my life so much better!
My longer review
Palm m500
In my opinion, this is the best PDA ever made.  I'll be sad when it's no longer functional, cause I really have no idea what I'll replace it with - none made since are any good.  I'm thinking of picking up a couple of extra, refurbished ones.  I don't want a PDA with anything built in, 'cause I read on it a lot and the PDAs with phones or cameras built in aren't comfortable to read from for long periods of time.  And I hate color screens on PDAs.

Kodak EasyShare DX4330
This is a great digital camera.  It's 3.1 mega pixel, with 3x optical zoom.  It's easy to use and takes great pictures and videos.  The only problem with it is, the battery life is short.  So, I have a couple of spare batteries and an external charger.
(Please don't negatively judge it by the pics on this site - I have bad eyes and my hands shake... so my pics come out horrible on any camera.   The pics my boyfriend takes with it come out great)

Nokia 5160 & 5165
These phones are real work horses.  Durable, functional - everything you need in a phone and not much more.  We've had these for years and I resist getting new phones every time we change cellular plans.  I love the size - if it's not in my bag, I know right away, so I never forget my phone.  I really don't want a phone smaller than this one.  When we do have to replace these, I think I will get a camera phone - it would be convenient to have a camera everywhere we go.  We didn't go crazy for accessories, but the spare batteries, along with the desktop chargers (pictured) are great!

New phone.  Works well.  It's convenient to have a camera at all times, although this isn't the best camera on earth, it's fine.
Gameboy Advance SP
My boyfriend bought this for my birthday, and I didn't expect to love it but I do!  The screen is great and the controls are comfortable.  I have tons of great games, including many old ones I thought I'd never play again.

Executive EPS-1501X 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder
This cross-cut shredder is great.  It turns CDs and DVDs into a pile of confetti, going through them like butter, which is great if you are obsessed with privacy like I am.  It can handle 15 sheets of paper at a time, and is quick and pretty quiet compared to other shredders, and has a huge capacity so you don't have to empty it frequently.

Sony DNE509 ATRAC3PLUS CD Walkman
This is what I use instead of getting something like an iPod.  It handles standard CDs and CD-Rs and plays mp3.  So, I burn collections of mp3s I like and have all the music I want.  Every time I think of getting an iPod, I think of how much I love my CD walkman, and I keep it instead.

Oreck XL Air Filter and an Oreck Ultra XL 2 vacuum
Not high tech, but so what?  I am allergic to everything and I have severe asthma.  I used to sound like I had laryngitis 365 days a year, and breathing was a constant struggle.  I've had to do the weekly allergy shots, as well as all the allergy pills, but no more!  I have NO problems with my allergies since I got these.

The vacuum is VERY light and works amazingly well - the difference in the carpet where I vacuumed and hadn't vacuumed yet was like the difference between mowed and unmowed grass - and my old vacuum cost twice as much!  I now vacuum about every two weeks, instead of twice a week.  Between the vacuum and the air filter, I'd estimate at least 95% of the dust and allergens are removed from our apartment.  This set was worth every penny we paid and much more.
Black & Decker ScumBuster
This Tub and Tile Scrubber is basically a handle with a bunch of rotating attachments.  It works great and really cuts down on cleaning time!

Dremel Rotary Tool
I live in a small apartment without much room for storing or using tools.  The Dremel is great for folks like me!  Easy to use, reasonably quite (the neighbors don't complain) and it does basically everything.  I find more uses for it everyday.  I also bought a bunch of nifty extra bits for it - can't wait to start engraving stuff!

Canon CanoScan LiDE 80 Color Scanner
This scanner is really cheap, yet still great quality.  It's very small and light - it's powered entirely via USB, so no extra power cords or wall worts!  It also has an attachment to scam picture negatives.  Perfect scanner for someone who doesn't scan much but still wants quality.

Philips DVD727 Progressive-Scan DVD Player
Region free DVD player!  W00T :) 
Screw Hollywood and their price fixing schemes.  I buy imported movies, sooner than they are available in the US, and cheaper, and this plays them.  It was cheap, only about $60, and it's small and light-weight.  I wish it allowed the skipping of the "unskipable" commercials those bastards  force you to watch to further pay for the privilege of watching the movie you paid for, like some newer DVD players do, but you can't have everything. 

Love it, love it, love it!
Whatever you do, get a PVR.  Doesn't have to be a TiVo, but get one.  You will be amazed at the difference it makes. 
My longer review

Playstation 2
This is a solid game machine, basically as powerful as it gets right now.  The fact that it plays audio CDs and video DVDs (including DVD+Rs) is a plus.  It would be nicer without all the stupid region crap, but all the consoles suffer from that defect.  It runs the most recent Final Fantasy, which is one of the best RPGs, and Gran Turismo 3, which is still one of better racing games available. (hopefully the soon to be released Gran Turismo 4 will be even better.)  And, of course, I still love playing my old games from Playstation 1 days on it!

External USB harddrive enclosure
We often get new computers and hard drives, both for our own use and when fixing systems for other people.  Rather than having to take apart our entire computer all the time, we got a drive caddy and used that for a while.  It still required a reboot to access the data though.  So after that, we got a USB drive enclosure, so that we could just unplug it, pop in the new drive, and plug it back in to get access to the new drive.  That made it much more convenient to copy data back and forth as needed, though a caddy is still useful in case you need to boot to the device (eg when installing a new OS on the target drive).  It also gives of a cool blue glow!

Cybersonic Tooth Cleaning System
Much better than a standard toothbrush.  This is another one of those things I thought would be a silly waste of money, until I tried it.  My teeth feel amazing after using it, it's gentle enough for my very sensitive teeth, and my dentist and dental hygienist have commented on how clean and well-flossed my teeth are!

Radio Controlled Clock
The clock is great for when the power goes out.  It is very handy to be able to set all the clocks in the house to an absolutely correct time.  No worrying about whether our watches are the same, or having to check the watch to make sure the time is correct (so that we aren't always late or early).  It's portable, and since it automatically updates, it is always accurate.

Maytag 8000 btu window Air conditioner
I'm very pleased with this - it cools the whole apartment very well, and is very quiet and energy efficient!  It's just great, and at $150, will pay for itself soon in lower electricity bills.

A crock pot and a George Forman grill

I can't cook for shit.  However, these items allow even me to produce edible (and even good) meals.  They are absolutely idiot proof, which is a requirement for me :).  They are easy to use and make cooking a breeze.

*from Disney's "The Little Mermaid"