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Diamonds are worthless

Diamonds are not a precious symbol of love.  They are a worthless symbol of slavery, unbelievable brutality, price fixing, and horrendous manipulation.

Diamonds are worthless.  Despite what diamond sellers pretend, diamonds are very common, so, in order to keep the price artificially high, the DeBeers diamond cartel keeps a huge percentage of them locked up.  DeBeers, along with their brilliant ad agency, has spent years focusing on making people believe diamonds are valuable, and diamonds are forever.  This means, no one sells their diamonds, and if they try, they get a tiny percentage of the original cost.   Many women dreamed of getting diamond engagement rings since they were kids - but only 'cause thats what we saw in the movies.  (Product placement DESIGNED to make us want diamond rings)  When you really think about it, diamonds are really  boring rocks.  Almost all other gems have some real value, and are much more beautiful.  If you are looking for an engagement ring, please consider one of the many wonderful alternatives. (Check out the Straight Dope on Diamonds)

"Blood diamonds"  are those use to fund terror and violence, and are commonly mined with forced slave labor.  DeBeers has recently started working against "blood diamonds".  On the surface, this is a good thing.  If we don't buy diamonds from those who mine them using slave labor, and those who use diamonds to pay for their terrorism, then diamonds are OK, right?  Only if you trust DeBeers, and why would you trust a price-fixing cartel?  Of course De Beers doesn't want people to buy conflict diamonds - that would lessen DeBeers strangle hold on the diamond market.  The real solution is to buy NO diamonds.

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