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Sorry, I haven't gotten around to finishing this yet.  It's just some scattered notes at this point.  Please try back later.  :)

There is NO good or unselfish reason to circumcise!

This isn't about making circumcised men feel bad about their penises.  It's about saving babies from unnecessary surgery and the loss of their human rights.

The Circumcision of Christian (more specifically, non-jewish, non-muslem men) began as a way to make sex less pleasurable for them, as a way to keep sex only for procreation and so they wouldn't masturbate -

There are NO health benefits to circumcision*

80% of men in the world are not circumcised.  80% of men in the united states are circumcised. 

But it looks better - PLEASE! as if it's ok to mutulate your baby's genitals because it LOOKS better!  And who says  it looks better?  We think that in the US because that's what we are used to. 

I am against anything that violates another's rights w/ out their consent.  If your son wants to be circumcised when he is 18, let him.    Doing it to a 1 day old  baby is WRONG. 

Circumcision is a human rights issue. Where it's a religious matter, there are movements within those communities to end the practice. The great religions of the world celebrate kindness, compassion and the integrity of the individual. Why should the treatment of a baby's genitals be an exception?

Cutting of a girl's genitals for any reason at all except medical need is outlawed in the US and many Western countries. That includes even token cutting and pricking, far milder than male circumcision. Why should boys go unprotected?

We don't allow polygamy, human sacrafice, use of hallucigins, and many other things that some religions call for.  Why is genetal mulitation for boys ok because of religious reasons?  - welcome your baby into the Covenant without cutting (Brit B'li Milah)

*a study currently going in Africa shows a possible decrease in the chance of getting HIV in circumcised males.  not remotely as much as using condoms, though, and some studies show circumcised men as MORE likely to get hiv.  Also, since the circumcised males were mostly muslem, where promiscuity is frowned upon, that may be the link