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More to come soon, but here is the list of Anime/manga I'm into right now.

My tastes run more toward shojo than shonen.  I like CUTE!

Tenchi - My all time favorite - I have the first two OVAs and both TV series on DVD, and all three movies.  I also have the first 8 mangas and a couple of mangas from a latter series.  (hard to explain this series.  A bunch of wacky women crash land on Earth.  A cabbit (cat/rabbit) turns into a tree turns into a spaceship turns into a mecha suit.  An evil demon/alien falls in love w/ Tenchi and becomes good.  His Aunt also falls in love with him.  As do all women who meet him.  Wackiness ensues and earth is saved.  Just watch it.  It's amazing.)

Pokemon - I know "real" Anime fans look down on Pokemon, but it's what got me interested in Anime to begin with.  I love the cute Pokemon and I have several DVDs and videos.  I only liked about the first 100 eps, though.  (Everyone knows the story.  Kids on an alternate universe collect pokemon (pocket monsters)  to use in battles.  They evolve.  They are cute.  They hug.)

Cowboy Bebop
- My favorite series right now.  I have all eps and the movie on DVD, plus the original manga and the complete Anime guides.  (Trio of bountyhunters.  Space BountyHunters.  Awesome.  Watch it.)

Have most or all eps of these (usually in a bizzare import format):

Ah, My goddess - very cute and sweet. (Guy meets a sweet goddess who "understands him" and wishes for her to stay w/ him forever.  She has to, but also loves him.  The goddess talks to machines, which is pretty cool. )

Azumanga Daioh - funny.  (Everyday life in high school for a bunch of teenage girls and a couple of teachers.)

All Purpose Cutural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - adorable!!  (guy puts brain of dying kitten into his robot.  So, hot robot w/ kitten brain.  Too funny, breathtakingly sweet at times.  Much family love)

Chobits - (guy finds a girl-shapped robot.  Wackiness and love ensues)

Fruits Basket - excellent, much better than average shojo.  (orphan moves in with a family possessed by the 12 animals of the zodiac, and the cat.   Very sweet and loving.)  I have some of the manga of this series, and I may prefer it to the Anime.

Read or Die - (teacher gets super powers 'cause she lives with books, she travels the world fighting book-related crime.)

Witch Hunter Robin - (Robin hunts and captures witches.  Then she doesn't.)

Big O - (a little freaky and scary, but good.  Entire town loses their memories.  Boy finds a kitten and has to give it up.  Much sadness.  Has a bit of a western feel.  )

Inuyasha - (girl gets pulled into ancient Japan, goes looking for a powerful jewel)

Yuyu Hakusho - kinda sad.  (Hoodlum dies saving a kid.   Is given a second chance, and some super powers, to do good, investigating demons.)

Ruroni Kenshin - thanks to Matt for getting me interested!! - (guy looks for guy, finds guy, takes job in dojo.)

Those Who Hunt Elves - so friggen cute!!  (and involved much gratuitous stripping of elves as those who hunt elves search them for the tattoos they need to get home.)

Seven of Seven - cute! (girl is split into 7 by her grandfather's wacky rainbow experiment.  Gets superpowers and stuff.  Laughs, lives, loves.)